Why Sonic Frontiers Is The Most Fascinating Game In The Series


The Sonic series has had many strange and wonderful entries in its lifetime, and while they’re all interesting in their own way, none are quite as fascinating as Sega Sonic Frontiers on the Sega Mega Drive. The game was released just after the conclusion of the 16-bit console war, meaning that it didn’t have to worry about trying to stand out from its contemporaries – the battle was over, and Sega had emerged victorious from their struggle with Nintendo (it’s true!). Of course, this doesn’t mean that Sonic Frontiers is perfect; in fact, quite the opposite is true.

Sonic Frontiers takes place in an alternate universe

Sonic Frontiers is set in an alternate universe where Sonic the Hedgehog never existed. Instead, there’s a new character named Dr. Robotnik who has taken over the world and is using robots to do all of his work. Dr. Robotnik has captured Princess Sally Acorn, who has been trying to fight back against him with her friends in Freedom Fighters for years now. Freedom Fighters are rebels who refuse to give up their battle for freedom, even if it means risking their lives on a daily basis.


Sonic is not the only playable character

In Sega Sonic Frontiers, the player is not restricted to playing as Sonic. There are various playable characters that each have different abilities and moves. For example, Knuckles can glide long distances and Amy Rose is a fast but frail character. This variety changes up the gameplay quite a bit because now the player has to strategize when selecting their character.

It may not seem like much at first, but it is important to choose wisely because you only get three lives in this game. What’s more, there are no continues, so if you lose all your lives then the game is over. Sonic Frontiers requires players to be clever with their strategy if they want to succeed. While Sonic games typically focus on speed and quick thinking, Sonic Frontiers requires more strategy than most other games in the series.


The game features an open world

One of the most fascinating aspects of Sonic Frontiers is its open world gameplay. Unlike other titles in the series, this game doesn’t rely on a hub world or levels to progress through. Rather, players are free to explore and find as many goodies as they can. This game features an open world where players can go wherever they want with no loading screens to stop them from exploring.

As they traverse the world, they will be able to interact with environments around them and make friends with some furry creatures called Flutterbies who are scattered all over Sonic’s new home. Players will also be able to use their newfound friends’ abilities to access new areas that were previously inaccessible due to strong winds or water currents. As a result of this style of gameplay, it’s possible for players to finish Sonic Frontiers without seeing any bosses!


Sonic Frontiers features a unique art style

Sonic Frontiers is the only game in the series where the art style is a mixture of traditional and 3D graphics. It also features a unique gameplay mechanic that lets players collect gems while they explore levels, rather than just find them in treasure chests. 

This makes it the unique Sonic game in history, and easily one of my favorites. Not only are there new secrets to discover, but the level design was really something special as well. There’s not much else to say about Sonic Frontiers other than I highly recommend it!

The gameplay is focused on exploration

The gameplay of Sonic Frontiers is different from other titles in the series. There is more exploration and less linearity. Players can walk around, talk to NPCs, and explore the world at their own pace. This is a stark contrast to other titles in the series that are focused on speed and chasing after an enemy or villain. Sonic Frontiers focuses instead on exploring the world at your own pace, which is what players want.


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