Taylor Swift Engaged: All the Latest News and Speculation

In recent years, Taylor Swift has kept her personal life private, Taylor Swift Engaged or not. As a result, there’s been lots of gossip about her being in relationships with Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris, and Harry Styles, but little confirmation from the star herself and those close to her. That all changed on Saturday, June 2nd when ET confirmed that the singer had gotten engaged to Joe Alwyn. This article will explore everything you need to know about the couple’s relationship so far as the circumstances around their engagement and its impact on her career going forward.


Who is Joe Alwyn?

A British actor, Joe Alwyn is best known for his roles in The Favourite and Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. He made his acting debut in 2012 when he appeared in the drama Me and Martin. Growing up in England, Alwyn attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and graduated in 2013. Two years later, he appeared in The Favourite as Samuel Masham, a friend to protagonist Queen Anne. The film was nominated for 12 Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Alwyn has also starred in several other films since then. However, his most notable role came in 2016 when he portrayed Billy Lynn in the war drama Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. The film was met with mixed reviews and performed poorly at the box office. Joe Alwyn’s net worth is estimated at $2 million dollars.

Why Is Taylor Swift Engaged?

The decision to get engaged was likely a combination of several factors. First, the two are in a serious relationship. Alwyn has been staying at Swift’s home in Rhode Island and has been seen out with her family. There have been rumors that Taylor had gotten engaged to Alwyn since back in May, with numerous tabloids claiming that they were set to get married in London. Additionally, the couple had just been on vacation in Australia 10 days before announcing the engagement. It’s not uncommon for people to get engaged when on vacation since it adds a surprise to the moment. Finally, the timing of the engagement makes sense given that the two were able to keep it a secret for nearly two years. It’s likely that Swift’s team was able to keep the news out of tabloids and the press.


Taylor Swift Engaged, How Will This Affect Taylor’s Career?

Taylor’s decision to get engaged to Alwyn comes at a critical time in her career. Having just released her latest album, reputation, and embarked on a massive world tour, she’s gained even more attention than before. As a result, she’s likely been getting offers left and right to do various projects and endorsements. Engaging in a serious relationship with a man is likely to help Taylor avoid situations like the ones that arose when she was dating Hiddleston, Harris, and Styles. While the three men all enjoyed increased levels of fame from their relationships, their relationships with Swift received massive attention from the press. With Alwyn, the two will be able to enjoy a level of privacy while still benefiting from the advantages of a celebrity relationship.

Swift Continues to Grow Her Influence while Taylor Swift Engaged

Some may question why Swift would want to get engaged to Alwyn when she could date anyone she wanted. The answer lies in her desire to grow her own personal brand and influence. On top of the music she’s been putting out and the massive tour she’s been on, Swift has also been investing in charities and causes. She’s donated to causes like Kesha’s legal team, women’s health initiatives, and families affected by Hurricane Harvey. Engaging in philanthropic work has a number of advantages for celebrities. Doing so makes them more relatable to the public, allows them to make a difference, and brings good publicity to their brand. In getting engaged to Alwyn, Swift has made it clear that she’s serious about her philanthropic work and expanding her influence.

More Music and Live Shows

As mentioned, getting engaged to Alwyn will likely help Swift avoid situations that would require her to distance herself from the men she’s dating. However, she may choose to address this in future music. Some songs have dealt with how the media has covered her relationships in the past. Additionally, getting engaged may also mean that Swift is able to get more songs out in the near future. While it’s unlikely she’ll release an album in 2018, more songs and collaborations may be on the way. As for concerts, Swift is set to perform in Tokyo, Japan on October 23rd. She will then continue her tour in Australia and New Zealand.


Concluding Thoughts

While Taylor Swift has kept her personal life private in recent years, the news of her engagement to Joe Alwyn proves that the two are serious about their relationship. With the two being able to keep the news out of the tabloids for two years, it’s likely that their relationship will remain out of the spotlight going forward. That said, Alwyn is likely ready for the attention that comes with dating Swift. While the two will enjoy a level of privacy, he’s likely ready to be associated with Swift’s massive brand and influence.


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